Origin Story

Propriété de GravityPro

What Sparked our Project’s Journey

Gravity Pro, founded in 2007 by Sylvana Caridi,

Boasts a history of successful strategic collaborations with leading organizations. Offering a range of services including solution architecture, software design, program management and executive consulting, the company is known for its forward-thinking approach, efficiency, and track record of success across various industries.

Over three decades, through consistent customer interactions and active participation in industry conferences, Sylvana has kept abreast of evolving challenges. She observed that in sectors like utilities, gas, and aerospace, current technology often falls short in addressing today’s complex challenges. The increasing external pressures, such as climate change and broadening human needs, demand a new approach, signaling a shift towards a transformative paradigm.

A shift towards a transformative paradigm

In early 2022

Sylvana Caridi encountered Thierry Babot and found herself genuinely intrigued by his ability, as an autodidact, to yield successful and tangible results through his independently developed scientific principles. She recognized that his placement on the autistic spectrum Asperger undeniably afforded him a unique perspective in apprehending and understanding reality.

Their conversations unveiled myriad applications for Thierry’s expertise, addressing the evolving needs of the ecosystem. Recognizing the synergies in their skills, they decided to collaborate. One excelled in creating innovative technologies and brought extensive experience in research and development in both unifies and classical physics. The other contributed a software development background, quantum computing complemented by a strategic vision.

The collaboration represents a fusion of innovation, expertise, and a commitment to shaping the future through cutting-edge solutions.

Propriété de GravityPro