Forging a path
to the Cosmos

By crafting resilient technologies,
Guaranteeing the endurance of humanity
beyond the boundaries of our planetary sphere

Our Objective

Beyond Boundaries

In the face of today’s major climatic events

Earth is on the cusp of critical change, with far-reaching implications for our planet, its inhabitants, and all life forms.

Simultaneously, we must be mindful of potential extraterrestrial threats, such as asteroid or comet impacts.

While technology alone is not the stand alone solution, it is undeniably a key component in addressing these challenges, especially considering its role in creating some of these crises.

Innovation must go beyond outdated technologies by adapting to contemporary challenges.

Propriété de GravityPro
Propriété de GravityPro

Our company is committed to the pursuit of space exploration

Recognizing it as not just a venture but a comprehensive approach with the potential to bring about positive changes in various domains.

Advancing into space necessitates significant technological advancements in areas such as energy, quantum computing, space propulsion, navigation, radiation protection, astronaut health (both support and management), preservation of the space environment, and effective management of costs.

Space exploration is not just a shared aspiration; it’s a collective vision recognized by many as a vital necessity.

Our company is dedicated to transforming this vision into tangible reality, actively contributing to the field.

Driven by necessity, we have consistently endeavored to overcome ignorance and the relentless march of time, which ceaselessly presents new challenges.

The sustainable evolution of the human race relies on our steadfast dedication to ensuring its continuity.

Extract from a letter from Albert Einstein to Louis de Broglie on February 15, 1954,

“In reality I am, just like you, convinced that one should look for a substructure, the necessity of which has been cleverly disguised by the current quantum theory through its use of the statistical mold.

I have however long been convinced that one shall not be able to find this substructure in a constructive way from the known empirical relations between physical things, because the required mental leap would exceed human powers. I have arrived at this opinion not only because of the fruitlessness of the efforts of many years, but rather also through the experiences with the gravitation theory. The gravitational equations could only be found by a purely formal principle (general covariance), that is, by trusting in the largest imaginable logical simplicity of the natural laws. As it was obvious that the theory of gravity constitutes only a first step in finding the simplest possible general field laws, it seemed to me that this logical route should first be thought through to the end before one can hope to arrive also at a solution of the quantum problem”